34 Field Hospital – Pre Afghanistan Training 2014

34 Field Hospital Train for Afghanistan in 2014

When Linzi Shot Honey
Just before 34 Field Hospital deployed to Afghanistan, they completed their final Mission Specific Validation (MSV) at the mock Camp Bastion training complex near York. In a change from my usual photography subjects, I was in the very privileged position of documenting the last ever MSV for the war in Afghanistan to be held there. Over four days I was given unrestricted access to all training within the entire complex. This resulted in almost 10,000 photographs – and the most complete and final visual story summarising the ten years of Medical training which has taken place at this extraordinary venue.

So where better a place to start than CASCON (Casualty Control). Where all the simulated casualties are created before being sent by ambulance in to the Hospital complex for the Medics to train on.

Linzi Foxcroft and her team from Trauma FX Ltd. have created casualty simulations for the Military for over 10 years. Here Linzi is applying make-up to Honey, a simulated Military Working Dog (MWD) and her handler – a casualty actor and serving Soldier. Despite the amazing realism of the make-up which simulated an IED blast, both Honey and her handler are perfectly well! The injuries are only simulated and Honey was having a really great time!

Linzi and Honey meet face to face Casualty simulation makeup Is applied to Honey, a military working dog to create an IED blast effectThe soldier receives a brief on his simulated injuries from a Colonel before being sent in to the Camp Bastion Role 3 Hospital training complex

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