Autumn wedding photography at Orchardleigh House in Somerset
Orchardleigh | Bride and Groom Portrait

Autumn Wedding at Orchardleigh House

Autumn at Orchardleigh – Wedding Photography

I joined Krissy & James for their gorgeous Autumn wedding at Orchardleigh House in Somerset yesterday – here’s a teaser photo from their daytime photo shoot with me. The house itself is a really stunning setting, but parts the amazing Orchardleigh estate grounds are often overlooked as they are just so vast. I live locally and so Claire and I arrived early for a look around before starting photographing and I spotted quite a dark wooded area which was accessible only by crashing our way through some quite thick undergrowth. A rotten old log had fallen in the middle of the clearing and I fell in love with it immediately. After they were married on Orchardleigh’s little island Church, we made our way back to the spot and I was delighted that they both managed to make their way inside the woods and snuggle up on that old tree.

Photographing an Autumn Wedding at Orchardleigh House in Somerset

Getting away from the main wedding party for these creative portrait photographs can be a really intimate and calm time during what is often a busy and fun filled day, and I can really see and connect with their closeness in this photo. I can’t wait to share their complete collection of photographs with them both!

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