bridal preparation overlooking bath abbey, captured by bath wedding photographers from Rich Howman photography and film
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Bath Wedding Photographers

What a beautiful emotional rollercoaster of a day in the city, as Bath wedding photographers for Sarah & Caitlin’s epic wedding day! Just a few of my favourite photographs as a quick preview of their day. Enjoy and congratulations S&C! xx

Of course, it’s England, so it absolutely hoofed it down with rain most of the day. But I was delighted that everyone embraced the comedy of what was truly awful weather, and in true British style we all ‘just got on with it’! Including their guests helping out with this awesome shot with ALL the umbrellas – Sarah and Caitlin wanted to have a photo with their rainbow umbrella, so we had to go one (or 15!) better!

I joined Caitlin in the morning in a beautiful top floor apartment with stunning views overlooking the City of Bath and Bath Abbey. Whilst my photo-battle-buddy, second photographer Kerry, headed off to join Sarah. As Bath wedding photographers we feel totally at home in the city, but we’ll never get tired of these views!

Both brides got ready in the centre of Bath which is always a pleasure – with beautiful natural light pouring in from the the Georgian sash windows. Caitlin even had these huge sliding doors, opening onto a terrace overlooking the city. I love this photo with her lovely Mum helping her get ready ‘al-fresco’, with Bath Abbey in the background.

Bath wedding photography

You really can get some lovely photos in the rain! With a little thought, effort, and an amazing couple, we ‘made the magic happen’… still in the rain!

Between us we photographed at no less than four locations throughout the day including ‘double bride prep’; an outdoor ceremony at the Temple of Minerva at the top Royal Victoria Park, their wedding breakfast at the Bath Brewhouse, and then finally a walk with umbrellas into the centre of the city for a gorgeous wedding reception and party at The Roman Baths

Everyone had such a brilliant day, regardless of the rain, which I think shows even in just a few of the highlights from their Bath wedding photography! There was even a blind taste testing of the Brides’ selection of ice cream and mini-donuts provided by the awesome Fluffy Puffin! Yummm!

Fun fact that I learned during their wedding speeches (thanks Caitlin!) – Minerva was also originally the Roman Goddess of War! So a Temple named after a warrior was a brilliant place for these two strong women to get married! They were also expertly drenched in a tonne of flower petal confetti by their guests in celebration!

We had a brilliant day, and it just goes to show, the rain doesn’t matter, love (and rainbow umbrellas.. and laughter!) always wins! As Bath wedding photographers, seeing all those smiles is what makes this the best job in the world!

Looking for Bath wedding photographers?

If you are getting married in the city, we’d love to join you! Feel free to check out some more of my work as a Roman Baths wedding photographer, and celebrate love with some more gorgeous LGBTQ weddings.

Just get in touch and my Amazing PA, Rhi, will check the calendar so we can start planning – Let’s do this!

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