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Brympton House wedding photographer

On a 33-acre estate in the somerset countryside, sits a picturesque exclusive-use wedding venue with the space and light for weddings of any size. Brympton House is elegantly decorated, with historical details and neutral colours so you can dress the venue to your theme, making it totally unique for your day. As a Brympton House wedding photographer, I love capturing the effortless style of this beautiful place in award winning wedding photos.

Things you’ll love about a Brympton House wedding

There are so many different rooms you can choose from for your wedding at Brympton house, having your entire day here to make the most of the unique spaces and gorgeous details from morning to night. Whether you’re getting married in the height of summer or cozying up with your guests in front of the fire for a winter wedding – Brympton House weddings are gorgeous in every season.

If I was to pick some of the best things about the venue, in terms of capturing Brympton House wedding photography, I’d probably be raving about the light, the versatility of the space, and the period details among my favourite things. There’s a certain understated elegance and drama in every room, with luxury details that accent the space without overpowering your theme or decor.

Brympton House wedding photography – S&W

With intense blue skies on a beautiful day, this stunning Brympton House wedding made me think of the quality of light I’ve had for weddings in Spain. I arrived early to start my day as S&W’s Brympton House wedding photographer, so I had a good look around and familiarised myself with the layout, it’s always good to refresh my memory and check out any new bits! I said hi to the venue staff who were busy setting up the room for the wedding breakfast, a relaxed afternoon tea party with cute vintage tea sets.

I like to start by taking some photos of the venue, so my couples can look back on their wedding day and see how it looked from start to finish. The light was falling on the back of the building, onto the terrace where S&W would have their evening drinks reception, and the view from the ornamental lake was breathtaking.

Getting ready for their wedding at Brympton House

The girls were getting ready in the bridal suite, the big windows filled the room with natural light, so I switched off the room lights to make the most of the beautiful soft contrast from sunshine beaming and bouncing from the high ceilings. S had chosen an elegant two-piece wedding dress that was delicate and cool, perfect for a warm day.

Her bridesmaids helped her get ready and gathered around to perform emergency surgery to adapt her flower crown (which looked beautiful both before and after!). Then S headed down for the first look with her dad on the staircase.

The boys were getting ready in another room nearby, having bride and groom prep on site means I can capture both of you getting ready, moving between the two, and capturing all those little moments in your Brympton House wedding photography. I’d seen a grand old fireplace and a beautiful stone floor in the Great Hall flanked with antique portraits and antlers, which was an ideal place for the boys to finish getting ready and have some group portraits.

It was a nice little moment of calm before getting married, and W and his groomsmen looked brilliant in their suits. W had a powder blue linen suit, and the groomsmen had ties to match, with W adding a pop of floral with this bold tie. Natalie, the Brympton House Wedding Coordinator was helping with making sure buttonholes and collars were all straight before they all headed off to the ceremony room.

Brympton House wedding ceremony in The Castle House

The ceremony was being held in the Castle House, which has the feel of a historic chapel with arched windows, again allowing the natural light to flood in. It was cool, airy, and really beautiful, The Castle House is such a clean and simple space with white walls, stone floors, and oak benches – it makes my job as a Brympton House wedding photographer such a dream!

There was quite a line-up, with five groomsmen and five bridesmaids waiting to enter the room ahead of S and her dad, as I joined W at the top of the aisle you could feel the anticipation building and the emotion radiating from him. When S finally arrived, he turned to look at her and gave the biggest smile, they were both super emotional and you could see they just couldn’t wait to get married.

Confetti and Canapes

After the ceremony, the guests waited outside for S&W, primed and ready to shower them with confetti and a huge roaring cheer. Then everyone relaxed with canapes and drinks on the terrace and lawns, accompanied by a string quartet – I like to give everyone a bit of space during this time, so you can have hugs and chat with your guests while I capture those moments from within the crowd.

This has to be one of the most well-organised and keen-to-move groups of people I’ve worked with in a long time – everyone was in position and ready for a group photo on the steps of Brympton House in double quick time with loads of energy and fun. Then I captured some family photos and group portraits in the window light of the great hall (after moving some furniture around first!).

Brympton House wedding photos

Their wedding breakfast in the ballroom was full of suitably entertaining and touching speeches, I love those little looks, laughs, cringes, and smiles that happen during speeches, I’m all about capturing the real moments of a wedding day.


After their wedding breakfast, and once the weather had cooled off a little, I took S&W for a little romantic wander through the grounds for their Brympton House wedding photos as newlyweds. W had been a little uneasy about this section of the day but he was pleasantly surprised that we could keep everything relaxed and un-staged, so he felt much more comfortable than he’d expected. It was also a really nice chance for them to have a few moments alone together before heading back to the evening reception.

Surprise evening performance

W had organised a brilliant surprise for his new wife in the evening, he’d written a beautiful song for her that he was planning to perform on the piano in the Great Hall. The Library Bar had opened for drinks, evening guests began to arrive and everyone relaxed and gathered together around the piano ready for the performance.

It was a real tear-jerker, with S leaning on the piano watching her new husband you could see how happy and proud she felt (I definitely cried too!). W finished his song and was met with enormous cheers from their guests, with everyone hugging and cheering in the background.

S then changed into a lovely little evening outfit and they continued their celebrations in the party barn, dancing into the evening surrounded by the love of their friends and family. I was so happy to be invited to join S&W as their Brympton House wedding photographer, they really are the most adorable couple, and it’s a day I will remember for a long time!

Looking for a Brympton House wedding photographer?

If you are looking for your Brympton House wedding photographer, I’d absolutely love to join you and capture your day in my award winning style. Just get in touch and my amazing PA, Rhi will get back to you straight away so we can start planning!

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