Chalk Barn Pewsey Wedding Photographers

Chalk Barn Pewsey Wedding Photographer

The beautiful views over the surrounding organic farmland and Wiltshire countryside make Chalk Barn in Pewsey an ideal place for capturing epic portraits, especially at sunset with dramatic skies. The landscape and beautifully planned modern barn space create a stylish backdrop, and there’s loads of light for me to work with as a Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photographer.

We would 100% recommend Rich he was absolutely fantastic! Rich went over and above to get our photos and made sure we had all the ones we wanted.

Natasha and Matt, Chalk Barn Pewsey Wedding

It’s a great venue if you love the countryside, as it has breathtaking panoramic views that change with the seasons. Your ceremony can be held indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both, so rain doesn’t ever need to spoil your day.

Wedding at Chalk Barn Pewsey – Natasha and Matt

I joined Natasha and Matt as their Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photographer, on a typical British Summer day. They’d fallen for the venue and just knew they had to have their wedding at Chalk Barn Pewsey, it ticked all the boxes – being a barn, having amazing views, and a touch of elegance too.

Another thing about Natasha and Matt that told me we’d get along brilliantly is the fact that they are dog people… and dog people are the best kind of people! So, their four-legged friend Barney was, of course, going to be invited to the wedding too (if you love dogs at weddings and are considering inviting yours, just do it!).

Bridal prep at home

I arrived as Natasha, her family, and her bridesmaids were getting ready at her parent’s house, with My Make Up By Emma set up in front of a big bright window working her magic, and HAS Style perfecting their hair.

Everyone was chatting and enjoying pastries, tea and coffee as the excitement started to bubble. It was a little bit stormy looking outside, so I was getting quite excited about dramatic skies later in the day, but also keeping an open mind and thinking of options for rainy portraits! Matt had written Natasha a beautiful letter, and everyone gathered around as she read it (always the first test for the mascara!).

Natasha’s elegant dress, Atlas from Madi Lane Bridal at Lace and Grace Bridal Boutique, was hanging in a few different places in the house before we finally settled on the bright and airy garden room, where the high ceiling and natural light were perfect for Natasha to get ready.

We moved some furniture about and made some space, so once she’d been helped into her dress, and shoes from Freya Rose, we could capture a wonderful first look moment with Natasha’s Dad, Mike, with her bridesmaids looking on. Now THAT is the face of a proud Dad!

Wedding at Chalk Barn Pewsey

It was time to head off to their wedding, and as I arrived I realised it was the first time I’d ever been on Salisbury plain as a Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photographer when it wasn’t raining (…yet!) As I said, I love a dynamic and interesting sky, so the imposing rain clouds weren’t worrying me too much.

As the guests started to arrive and grab welcome drinks, I met with the lovely Chalk Barn staff and had a little look around the venue, it was set up beautifully for the day, and everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Natasha and Matt had originally planned to get married outdoors, but as the weather looked like it was closing in the ceremony was set up indoors overlooking the beautiful views. The team all worked quickly to make sure everything was still perfect, venues that can be this flexible and friendly are definitely a favourite of mine!

The guests could see the vintage VW Beetle from Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings approaching down the long drive carrying Natasha and her dad, building a sense of anticipation and excitement for the afternoon.

Natasha walked down the aisle on her dad’s arm towards Matt (and their dog Barney!). Their ceremony took place in front of the huge, open, sliding glass doors of the barn, giving me the chance to capture Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photos from a completely different angle as they exchanged their vows. We really did bring the outside in!

Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photography

Immediately after they said ‘I do’, we all headed straight outside for confetti during a break in the rain. Then a surprise treat for everyone, Matt booked the brilliant Mariachi Loco to entertain everyone while they had drinks and relaxed in the afternoon.

After a few group portraits, I took Natasha and Matt for a couple’s photoshoot as newlyweds, exploring the fields and the driveway for some epic shots of the surrounding landscape. I also caught a few romantic moments in their VW Beetle wedding car from Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings, as they hid from a rain shower.

Between the showers, Natasha and Matt wanted to play with some of the dynamic and highly creative portrait concepts that I’m known for, and of course, Barney had to be part of the fun! In all honesty, I thought it might take us a little while to really nail the photo with Barney, but like an absolute pro Barney gave us the performance of a lifetime, and we had it captured within the first minute!

Chalk Barn wedding photos

I really loved including the subtle earthy and soft tones of the ancient landscape of Salisbury plain in Natasha and Matt’s Chalk Barn wedding photos. Chalk Barn is exactly what it sounds like, a barn, in a field, on a hill, in beautiful surroundings, so I thought out-of-the-box to get the very best from the location. Incorporating the natural accents to the architecture, the colours changing in the evening light, and the panoramic views at every opportunity.

With the barn now set up for their wedding breakfast, the table settings and flowers from Moonraker and Rose had a boho vibe to them, soft, elegant but rustic, and really perfect for the location.

We enjoyed some funny and emotional speeches, and then ‘the naughty table’ (there’s one at every wedding!) led the charge into the evening! Playing an interesting game of hands-free pass-the-parcel, leading to some brilliantly funny moments. The doors of the barn remained open for the afternoon, even when it rained, giving us all a cool breeze and a sense of the vastness of the landscape outside.

Amongst the party moments and hilarity, I love photographing the human stories of the day, like this image of a couple who were taking it in turns to walk their baby around the grass terrace in an attempt to get them off to sleep (it’s actually joined my collection of award-winning wedding photos!)

Party into the night!

Natasha put on her awesome, embellished denim jacket in the evening, a gift from one of her bridesmaids, from House Full of Crafts on Etsy. The boys also all had matching socks in bright colours, each featuring a different animal (does the animal represent the man…? You decide!).

After their first dances, Natasha and Matt were joined on the dancefloor, ready for the evening to go wild with a party atmosphere.

Just before sunset, we popped outside to capture some beautiful silhouettes and play with shadows and colour as the sun dipped into the horizon. Again, Natasha and Matt were excited for me to create epic portraits, so we spent time capturing some really iconic Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photography.

Before leaving them to party the night away, I used off-camera flash to photograph some lovely snuggly moments as people gathered around the fire pit to toast marshmallows.

Congratulations Natasha and Matt

What a beautiful day, yes, it was challenging weather, but Natasha and Matt really threw themselves into it and didn’t let the rain bother them. Their relaxed and fun nature and real passion for photography meant we had loads of fun, and I captured some pretty awesome chalk barn wedding photos for them. Congratulations, thank you for inviting me, and massive hugs to you all (and Barney of course!).

Check out their suppliers on Instagram

Venue and catering: @at_chalk
Dress: @madilanebridal from @laceandgracebridalboutique
Shoes: @freyaroselondon
Suits: @mossbros
Hair: @hasstyleuk
Makeup: @my_makeup_by_emma
Flowers: @moonrakerandrose
Cake: Made by the bride
Car: @busandbugvintageweddings
Entertainment: @theshadowmonkeys and @mariachilocouk

Looking for your Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photographer?

I’d love to join you as your Chalk Barn Pewsey wedding photographer, It’s an incredible place with amazing staff, and, let’s face it, who could say no to those views?

If you are looking for inspiration, check out some of my work in other locations in the UK, including as a Bredenbury Court Barns wedding photographer, this awesome wedding at Folly Farm Centre. or maybe you fancy a more historic location in the city, as I captured here as a Temple of Minerva wedding photographer.

To check my availability for your day just get in touch and Rhian, my Amazing PA will get back to you as soon as possible, so we can start planning!

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