Dogs at Weddings 1

Dogs at Weddings

Let’s get one thing clear – DOGS ARE FAMILY! I love it when I get to capture dogs at weddings, sharing the day with the people who love them most.

From Best Dog, to Ring Bearer, to Chief of Security – Dogs at weddings have so many different roles. Probably the most important part of their job on the day is bringing smiles and laughter to their humans (and to me!).

Little Olly the pug had a very important job as ring bearer at Matt and Andy’s Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel wedding – he took it very seriously!

Gigi the Cavalier even has her own Instagram page and loyal followers – we created a bit of a ‘Simba moment’ with her paw-rents at Ana and Angi’s wedding at the Corinthia Hotel.

Basil was keen to make sure his Mum’s bridal speech was up to scratch, as he supervised Sam’s final draft before a gorgeous wedding in Dorset.

whippet sitting next to bride on the sofa as she makes final notes on her speech

Dogs at weddings – Causing beautiful chaos!

Don’t get me wrong, there is an added element of chaos with dogs at weddings… but it’s wonderful chaos! Here’s ‘Best Dog’ Merlin helping out with the garden games – pretty sure his Jenga skills are expert level!! You can see the full story at Joey and Jenessa’s Gloucestershire Wedding.

Dogs at Weddings 19

If you are thinking of including your dog (or dogs) in your wedding plans, I’d say 100% do it! They are a big part of your life, so why shouldn’t they be part of your wedding? It’s good to make sure there’s someone there to look after them throughout the day, someone they know and trust. Chances are, their main humans will be a bit busy! Let them have fun, they’ll need a place to stretch their legs and run off some of the excitement! Also maybe think about plans for having somewhere they can escape to for some chill time, a biscuit and a nap (you might sneak off to join them!).

If we are on the same page about dogs at weddings then I would love to hear from you! Get in touch for a chat, introduce me to your fur-babies, and tell me all about your day – I’d love to join you. Dog people are my tribe!

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