Dolomites Wedding Photographer
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Dolomites Wedding Photographer

This is the stuff of fairytales, a dream for any Dolomites wedding photographer, and surely the perfect place to capture award-winning photos? The day before their epic, beautiful wedding in the Dolomites at Castel Fragsburg in South Tyrol, I headed North with these awesome humans, into the heart of the mountains for a sunset engagement photoshoot at the alpine mountain lake, Lago di Carezza.

Dolomites wedding photographer – The journey to Lago di Carezza

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It really was! Before we could ‘make the magic happen’, we had a little drive through the mountains. Laura and Chris were based at the stunning Castel Fragsburg in South Tyrol for their beautiful elopement wedding in the Dolomites the next day! So after a short drive up the valley from my hotel, I joined them at the Castle. The owner of Castel Fragsburg very kindly offered them the use of a shiny new BMW 4×4, and I jumped at the opportunity to drive them to our destination! We wound our way through the incredible countryside, taking in the epic views as we climbed up the mountain roads for two hours.

On arrival, I was delighted that we found ourselves almost alone at the lake, with only a tiny handful of friendly wandering tourists who chatted with us as we made our way around. After a quick change into ‘photo clothes’ and Laura’s amazing Tiffanys Bridal wedding dress bought especially for their engagement photos, we were off on a little adventure to capture some of the best views a Dolomites wedding photographer could ask for!

Dolomites wedding photography – Our first view of Lago di Carezza

As soon as we left the tunnel walking towards the lake through the pine trees, the most incredible scene unfolded in front of us. An absolutely breathtaking vista, with the azure lake surrounded by forest and the epic Dolomite mountains framing the scene. And so we began exploring our way together around the lake and woods, stopping to breathe and absorb the moment, as we watched an electrical storm drift slowly across the mountains.

Swooshy dress time!

It would have been a crime not to have a swoosh in Laura’s beautiful dress, so we took a moment before we walked back to the car park on the viewing platform to get swooshy! I loved that the moving shapes of her dress mimic the storm clouds and mountains.

Looking for a Dolomites wedding photographer?

If you are thinking of a romantic wedding in the Dolomites, then I would love to join you. Whether it’s just the three of us for an elopement like Laura and Chris, or a full scale wedding over a whole weekend – Please do get in touch and my Amazing PA, Rhi, will check my availability so we can start planning!

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