Melksham Court Wedding Photographer
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Melksham Court Wedding Photographer

I joined Faye and Owen as their Melksham Court wedding photographer on a beautifully warm day in May. From the blue skies to the beautiful yellow bridesmaid’s dresses, it really felt like summer was beginning! I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some truly magical moments at Melksham Court, as well as award-winning wedding photos across the whole of the UK and abroad, and this one really got me excited to be back behind the camera again for a busy wedding season.

Melksham Court wedding photography

From the stunning gardens and beautiful water features to the elegant house and the picturesque grounds, I’m in dreamland as a Melksham Court wedding photographer. And for Faye and Owen’s day, a sprinkle of quite unique experiences, like ferret racing and the International Space Station passing overhead, made it pretty much unforgettable!

Getting ready

We started the day with some peaceful bridal preparation in the soft window light. Make-up artist, Amy Hickey and Robyns Nest Hair were busy working their magic, while the girls enjoyed a few glasses of bubbly and plenty of giggles as they got ready.

Outdoor wedding at Melksham Court

Faye walked down the hedge-lined aisle towards Owen who was waiting under the garden temple for their outdoor ceremony. The gardens of Melksham Court providing the perfect backdrop for their exchange of vows, surrounded by lush green foliage and stunning floral displays from Abbey Meadow Flowers.

Melksham Court wedding reception

Throughout the wedding reception, guests were entertained by a beautiful string trio, who provided the perfect soundtrack to their celebration. Later in the day I saw my first ever wedding ferret race! The fluffy little noodles had everyone cheering, it was great fun! Weddings at Melksham court have the benefit of stunning outdoor space for drinks or garden games, and I’m now adding ferret racing to that list!

Party time!

As the evening came closer, the party moved to the Melksham Court wedding barn which was decorated with foliage chandeliers and festoon lights around the oak beams. After their first dance as Husband and Wife, their guests joined them on the dance floor, and things started to get WILD! The atmosphere was electric for their rocking party, and The Distractions Band had everyone on their feet and dancing the night away. From drinking games and acrobatics to unicorns and inflatable saxophones – they were in full celebration mode for the night and I was loving it!

In between shots and snacks, the guys gathered together to enjoy a few cigars, chatting and having loads of laughs as the evening started to enter ULTRA PARTY mode! Perhaps one of the more unusual moments of the night came when we saw the International Space Station pass over us in the evening sky. It was a magical and awe-inspiring moment that added an extra touch of magic to an already unforgettable day.

As a photographer, my job is to capture these moments – the love, the joy, the excitement, and the magic – and turn them into lasting memories for couples and their loved ones to cherish for years to come. Melksham Court wedding photography gives me so many opportunities to capture emotion in spectacular surroundings, the place is GORGEOUS. I love the contrast between the emotion and anticipation during the day, to full scale riotous celebration at night, everyone partying hard and having the absolute best time! What a wild one!

Congratulations Faye and Owen, it was a brilliant day full of fun – the big kids always have the BEST parties! Thanks for having me, I had an absolute blast!

Looking for a Melksham Court wedding photographer?

If you’re looking for a Melksham Court wedding photographer who can capture all the magic and excitement of your celebration, I’d be honored to be a part of your special day. Just get in touch and we can have a chat about your plans.

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