Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer

I was absolutely delighted to join Zara and Jonathan as their Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer! Their wedding day was truly an explosion of fun and love. It was a day filled with unforgettable memories that I was honoured to capture as their Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer. Maybe there’s something in the air, but I haven’t seen two people laughing smile and laugh quite so much for this long!

There was just so much packed into their incredible day, and I’m not talking about the number of guests in the tiny candlelit island church! (yes you heard me correctly, there’s a beautiful little church which sits on an island in a lake at the bottom of the valley with Orchardleigh House overlooking it!). From the merging of cultures, with a beautiful Chinese tea ceremony honouring their parents and elders, to the spectacular Chinese wedding lion dance, or maybe I should mention the surprise brass band who were hiding behind the church ready to let loose after the ceremony – New York Brass Band it was fabulous to see you again!

Dare I even mention the build-your-own Lego Wedding guest mini figures? And in case you’re wondering, yes I did! There was even a wedding dog… I mean, of course there was! (It was their dog, in case you think I’d just brought a random dog to a wedding!)

And as if the guests hadn’t had the most incredible day already, sparklers on the terrace followed a wonderful wedding breakfast with some beautifully touching speeches, and surprise fireworks to start the evening party! Zara and Jonathan’s wedding day at Orchard house really was an explosion of fun and love. I’m so excited to share these moments! Enjoy!

As a wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of capturing some of the most magical moments at Orchardleigh Estate for over ten years! One of my most memorable moments was shooting Zara and Jonathan’s wedding – and standby, it’s a fun one! The couple celebrated their day in the most unique and fun way possible, and it was a delight to be able to capture those special moments for them.

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Wedding Ceremony on the Island Church

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Back to the House for garden games!

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Surprise Chinese Lion Dance!

I have to say, the Chinese Lion Dance was a first for me at a wedding, and when you’re ‘up close and personal’ it’s kinda intimidating, yet exciting and very beautiful.

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Sparklers and surprise fireworks!

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Party Time!

The Dream Team

Venue: Orchardleigh House
Photographer: Rich Howman
Venue Styling: The Wedding Helper UK
Flowers: Evergreen Floral Design
Wedding Content Creator: Paula at The Wedding Storyteller Co
Lion Dancers: KSK UK
Wedding Artist:
Wedding Stationary: Hunter Gatherings
Toastmaster: Paul Deacon
Hair and Make up: Lucille & Co
Brass Band: New York Brass Band
DJ & Photobooth: Bristol Disco Hire
Fireworks: Phenomenal Fireworks
Lawn Games: Party Time Mini Golf
String Quartet: Regal Remedy

Capturing Emotions, Creating Memories: The Orchardleigh Wedding Experience

Imagine a day filled with love, laughter, and the promise of forever. Orchardleigh Estate sets the stage for a dream wedding, with its lush gardens, historic manor house, and enchanting lake creating a tapestry of romance. And who better to document this love-filled journey than Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – the wizard who transforms moments into memories? If you’re planning a wedding in Somerset, I highly recommend considering Orchardleigh Estate as the destination. As both a wedding photographer and someone who has witnessed the beauty and grandeur of the estate, I can safely say it will be an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.

Rich Howman’s unique approach to wedding photography goes beyond capturing posed portraits; he seeks to tell a story, to freeze-frame those fleeting moments of joy and tenderness that define a couple’s special day. His relaxed, documentary style ensures that every smile, every tear, every stolen glance is immortalized in a series of breathtaking images.

As a Bristol wedding photographer with a passion for love, people, and cake (yes, cake!), Rich brings a blend of artistry and warmth to each Orchardleigh wedding shoot. His ability to connect with couples on a personal level, to understand their story and capture the essence of their relationship, sets him apart as a master of the craft.

From intimate ceremonies in the candlelit island church to grand celebrations overlooking the valley, Orchardleigh weddings are a symphony of emotions, traditions, and unexpected delights. With Rich Howman behind the camera, every detail, every sentiment, is meticulously documented, creating a visual narrative that will be treasured for generations to come.

As an Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer, I can attest to the beauty and elegance of this stunning venue. From the quaint candlelit island church to the opulent rooms, the estate offers a range of options that can cater to any couple’s vision for their big day. Looking for the perfect location for your wedding in Somerset? Look no further than Orchardleigh Estate! With its picturesque Victorian mansion, charming gardens, and 23-acre lake, Orchardleigh is a sought-after wedding destination that offers a luxurious three-day wedding experience with exclusive use for 60-250 guests. Orchardleigh Estate is located in the heart of Somerset and is surrounded by a sprawling 500-acre parkland estate, making it the perfect location for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The sweeping three-mile drive that leads to Orchardleigh House will take you through acres of beautiful countryside, and the tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere of the estate will welcome you as soon as you arrive.

“At Orchardleigh Estate, we aim to provide a luxury experience for our couples with our bespoke three-day weddings. We offer the option of a House Wedding Experience or an Estate Wedding Experience, each with its own unique charm. The House Wedding Experience provides exclusive use of Orchardleigh House with dining for up to 150 and accommodation for up to 95 guests. On the other hand, the Estate Wedding Experience includes the entire 500-acre parkland estate with dining for up to 250 and accommodation for up to 165 guests.

Orchardleigh Estate has been recognised for its excellence in the wedding industry, winning accolades such as the Somerset Wedding Venue of the Year and being named 2nd Best UK Wedding Venue by Perfect Wedding Magazine. It has also been featured in London Life Magazines, and shortlisted by the Independent Newspaper as Best National Wedding Venue. Orchardleigh Estate is also home to an award-winning golf course and offers a range of activities such as fishing, shooting, and hot tubs. The estate also has its restaurant and offers a range of wedding dining menus.”

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