Vintage and Retro Wedding Photographs

In recent years it’s become popular to have vintage and retro wedding photographs from your big day. Whilst this is really a matter of personal taste and choice we’ve adopted a timeless approach to this style and finish of vintage and retro wedding photographs, after all in years to come you want your wedding day memories to be fresh and beautiful – not an embarrassment which you’re afraid to leave out on you coffee table for your friends and family to see.

A certain style which refelects a vintage, old, or ‘retro’ appearance in it’s colour, tone and style of photographic image. Of course you can go the whole hog and finish the entire shoot with a completely ‘full-on’ vintage / retro look. This can work extreemely well if your wedding is, for example, an outdoor summer affair where reportage shots and little ‘of the moment’ photographs run abound. Also if your wedding has a vintage colour scheme, or other items which reflect times gone by fill the day.

Our vintage/retro wedding photography style can be quite subtle, as you can se below. So can lend itself well to relaxed and informal weddings, without going over-the-top with styling. Whatever your decision we’re here to help you get exactly what you want from your wedding day – drop us an email if you have any questions or to arrange an informal chat over a coffee.

Photo of two wedding guests laughing at Lympne Castle, Kent

Vintage and retro style doesn’t have to mean the entire wedding looks like it’s been thrown together on a budget, which when done poorly can so often be the case. There are some superb specialist suppliers out there such as the Vintage Wedding Dress Company and Ruffled, who make some really stunning dresses and provide excellent ideas for that vintage approach.

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