Coombe Lodge Wedding - Bride & Groom

Wedding at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon

Huge congratulations to Fiona & Greg! Married at Coombe Lodge in Blagdon near Bristol. Highlights from their wedding can be seen below. I joined Fiona in the morning as she got ready at Coombe Lodge. One of the many advantages of having a wedding at Coombe Lodge is that everything is situated in one place, so it was only a walk down their beautiful wooden staircase to capture their guests arriving and Greg and their little daughter, Elsie, welcoming everyone. With her wedding dress on and the sun shining, Fiona walked down the aisle on her fathers arm to enjoy a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. When it was time for Fiona to throw the bouquet another comedy moment appeared, as it careered through the air and disappeared over the wall in to the gardens below. Check out the Brides mother wearing a monkey onesie during their creative portrait shoot and the giggle we had in the bath! Great times.

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