Haselbury Mill Wedding

Wedding at Haselbury Mill

If there was one word I had to choose which summarised Dawn & Shaun’s wedding at Haselbury Mill it had to be ‘fun’! I joined Dawn on the morning of her wedding at a beautiful private house nestled in the Somerset countryside and shrouded in the most amazing wisteria. Her Bridesmaids, Mum and gorgeous rescue dog, Benji, enjoyed champagne (…Benji had water!) whilst their hair and makeup was perfected. That’s Dawn in the first photograph having her make up done with that gorgeous wisteria – and her stunning wedding dress being guarded by a Lego Ninja! My young nephews would definitely approve of that photo!

Their traditional wedding ceremony was held at the thirteenth Centuary All Saints Church Merriott, just a stones throw from the house where Dawn was getting ready. I loved that a horse and rider sauntered past on the road just before the Bride arrived, though two minutes later would have worked better for me. Their beautiful wedding ceremony, taken by the Rev. Julia Hicks, was punctuated with laughter as the Best Man accidentally bounced their wedding rings around on the floor. I even caught one photograph of a ring in mid air on its journey South. With confetti thrown they zoomed away from the church in a white Merc heading for Haselbury Mill and their wedding reception.

The first thing that hit me as I arrived at Haselbury Mill wasn’t the peaceful charm of the Somerset countryside or even the hot sunshine we’d been spoilt with, but a nerf gun bullet! It was hilarious. Dawn & Shaun had equipped the tables of their wedding reception with nerf guns and their friends and family lost no time in getting a ‘nerf firefight’ underway. Their evening reception was as fun as the day had been, with the Best Man in fits of giggles during their speeches and a trip to ‘Duckingham Palace’ and even a pizza van during their creative portrait shoot. The late evening sky over Haselbury Mill brought the most amazing lightening and rain storm, leaving this mystical tension in the air and an opportunity for the last photograph I captured of them on their wedding day in beautiful golden light and cuddled up by the lake with their guests partying the night away in the venue behind them.

I was so excited that one of the photographs from their beautiful wedding was selected by Fearless Photographers recently as the ‘photo of the day’. You can see it here and add your love to the admirers.

Bride getting ready before her wedding in Somerset in a house surrounded by beautiful wisteria
Photo of the Bride and bridesmaids having their make up done before her wedding
A Lego Ninja guarding the wedding dress
Bridal make up artist applying eye liner with a pen
Black and white photograph of the bride getting ready before her wedding at Haselbury Mill
Bridal hair up
Photo of All Saints Church Merriott
Horse wandering past the Church before the wedding ceremony
The bride and her father arriving in a white Mercedes at the Church before their wedding ceremony
Documentary photograph of the bride and her father entering the church
Walking up the aisle on her fathers arm to the waiting groom
Wedding guest photographed through the altar
The Best Man dropping the wedding rings in the church
The best man's expression after he'd dropped the wedding rings on the floor
Photo of the bride glancing back down the aisle with a reflection
A very tired little boy at a wedding ceremony at All Saints Church Merriott
Documentary photograph of the bride walking forward to the vestry of the church to sign the register after getting married
The Bride and Groom running through a shower of confetti after getting married at All Saints Church in Merriott, Somerset
Bride getting in to a white Mercedes after her wedding ceremony on her way to their wedding reception at Haselbury Mill
Black and white photo of a little boy standing on his head during a wedding reception at Haselbury Mill
Bridesmaid holding the brides dress for her as she walks
Newly married bride and groom creative portrait, reflected in the rear view mirror of a vintage Bentley
Emotional hugs in the receiving line at a wedding at Haselbury Mill
Haselbury Mill Wedding 24
Haselbury Mill Wedding 25
Haselbury Mill Wedding 26
Haselbury Mill Wedding 27
Haselbury Mill Wedding 28
Haselbury Mill Wedding 29
Haselbury Mill Wedding 30
Haselbury Mill Wedding 31
Haselbury Mill Wedding 32
Fearless Photographers photo of the day - wedding creative portrait photograph at Haselbury Mill
Haselbury Mill Wedding 34
Little boy holding an 'all you need is love' sign during a wedding at Haselbury Mill as the happy couple kiss behind a giant love sign
Newlyweds silhouetted on curtains during their wedding reception
Couple snuggling in a doorway during their wedding
Bride and groom embrace for a creative wedding photograph
First dance at a wedding at Haselbury Mill
Bride and groom photographed at night, silhouetted in front of Haselbury Mill

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