Wedding at Kew Gardens 1

Wedding at Kew Gardens

Wedding at Kew Gardens

Getting married at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

I’m excited to present photo highlights from Charlotte & Alexis’ beautiful wedding at Kew Gardens in London. Zooming up to London to photograph their wedding at Kew Gardens with my ace second photographer, Claire, we joined Charlotte and her bridesmaids, Emily & Gemma, getting ready at the Coach & Horses. Just across the green from the Cambridge Cottage entrance to Kew Gardens. It was a real giggle and they were awesome fun. The weather provided its usual British Summertime display and so with umbrellas deployed Charlotte walked the short distance in the rain across Kew Green to Cambridge Cottage on her father’s arm. The local Cricketers provided a very English backdrop as they played on the Green despite the weather!

Cambridge Cottage Ceremony, Wedding at Kew Gardens

Their wedding ceremony and later on their wedding reception was held in Cambridge Cottage on the edge of Kew Gardens. A beautiful former Royal Residence on the edge of the gardens at Kew and a really beautiful space for their wedding. The room was full of love and with the anticipation of the morning behind them, they enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony. I love how happy and excited their faces were as they saw each other for the first time that day, in particular Alexis’ smile as Charlotte approached ‘down the aisle’.

Creative Portrait Photos in the Palm House

In a slightly surreal adventure we made our way through the gardens on Kew’s little buggy to the Palm House. Just before we arrived the ‘Kew Train’ (a little extra-long buggy) full of their wedding guests on a tour drove past with cheers and waves from everyone on board. The Palm House was a humid extravaganza of green. Like a jungle which had been brought under control for a day the huge leaves dwarfed us as we all made our way along the paths, stopping to capture photographs of them both along the way. The Victorian architecture of the palm house is just stunning and Charlotte & Alexis were particularly taken with the gorgeous iron spiral staircase which climbs up to a viewing gallery above the palms. I overcame my ridiculous fear of heights for long enough to photograph them both snuggling up on the spiral stairs with the epic green shapes around them. We returned to Cambridge Cottage on the little buggy, with waves and well-wishes shouted to them from visitors walking amongst the flowers and exhibits.

Good food, heartfelt speeches and dancing finished the day. There was a lot of hugging and yes, I cried too! If you’re reading this and you know Charlotte & Alexis, you’ll already know that they are two of the loveliest people ever. And they’re so funny – I must admit I’m now just a little addicted to their Instagram feeds! From the first time I met them to the final creative portrait shoot in the darkness outside Davies Alpine House at Kew, I’ve enjoyed every moment in their company and the privilege of being chosen to photograph their wedding day. Congratulations Charlotte & Alexis! A photograph from their wedding at Kew Gardens won an international award recently!

smiling bride reflected in several mirrors as she gets ready before her wedding at kew gardens in London
backlit black and white photograph of the bride having her hair sprayed at the Coack and Horses in Kew, before her wedding ceremony
Off camera flash lighting the bride getting ready in the morning before her wedding at Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens.
black and white photo taken from above of a bride having her makeup applied
shallow depth of field photo of bride with makeup artist at the Coach and Horses in Kew, London
Reportage wedding photo. The brides eye isolated in a mirror.
Bridesmaids sitting on a bed and sharing laughter with the bride before her wedding at Kew Gardens in London
Charlotte the bride checks her makeup in a mirror with the makeup artist looking on
Father of the bride hugs his daughter before walking across Kew Green to her wedding at Kew Gardens, London
Bridesmaids helps the bride put her shoes on in the morning before her wedding.
Documentary wedding photo of a bridesmaid with the veil
Attaching the veil to the bride
Bride walking across Kew Green with her father to her wedding ceremony at Cambridge Cottage at Kew Gardens
Little child arguing with her father
The brides amazing wedding dress, photographed in black and white at Cambridge Cottage.
Alexis, the groom, waiting for his fiancée at Kew Gardens
The Bride entering the ceremony room at Cambridge Cottage
Groom glances over his shoulder at the bride as she walks down the aisle on her fathers arm
Listening to a reading during her wedding ceremony
The groom looks at his new wife during their wedding ceremony at Cambridge Cottage in Kew Gardens.
Bride glances at her new husband - documentary wedding photography
Clenched hands
Just married - the face of love. Photograph of the bride and groom just after getting married at their wedding at Kew Gardens in London
The brides friends share a glass of champagne with excited faces.
Wedding Photographer at Kew Gardens in the Palm House.
Wedding photo taken through the mist in the Palm House at Kew Gardens.
Bride and groom photographed on the Victorian spiral staircase in the Palm House during their wedding at Kew Gardens
The wedding dress photographed in the Palm House at a Kew Gardens wedding
Looking down on the newlyweds standing on the spiral staircase at Kew Gardens
Bride and groom portrait photo at their wedding at Kew Gardens.
Wedding Photos at Kew Gardens - couple under a huge palm leaf in the Palm House at Kew.
Lovely photo of the bride smiling with her new husband in the Palm House at Kew Gardens after their wedding ceremony at Cambridge Cottage
Sneaking a photo through the palm leaves
Black and white photo of the Bride and groom kissing outside the Palm House at Kew Gardens.
Wedding photo at Kew Gardens reflecting the Palm House with a prism
Newly married couple walking through the palms during their wedding at Kew Gardens.
Hands holding up a dirty wedding dress.
Enjoying a drink together in the ceremony room at Cambridge Cottage.
Wedding Group Photograph in the Rain at Kew Gardens
Bridal party group photo
Wedding ring photograph showing off the big diamond.
The brides father makes a speech whilst the groom comforts his new wife during their wedding reception at Cambridge Cottage in Kew
Mother of the bride laughs during speeches
The bride giggles during the speeches at her wedding at Kew Gardens.
Documentary wedding photographer in London
The bride hugs her father after the wedding speeches.
Funny grooms speech photo - kew gardens wedding in London
The newly married couple exchange glances
Wedding guests raise their glasses to toast the married couple at Cambridge Cottage
Funny photos of the groom handed out by the best man during his wedding speech.
Bride holding her husbands head in her hands during their first dance
Bride and grooms first dance at Cambridge Cottage wedding.
Emotional hug during a wedding at Kew Gardens.
Emotional black and white photograph of the bride and her father
Documentary wedding photography at Kew Gardens in London.
Night time wedding photo at Davies Alpine House in Kew Gardens
Low light wedding photographer at Kew Gardens, London.

Rich Howman is an award winning wedding photographer based near Bristol and Bath, working throughout the UK and destination weddings abroad. If you’re planning on getting married at Kew Gardens at either Cambridge Cottage or the Nash Conservatory or perhaps at a different wedding venue in London I’d love to hear from you!

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