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Wookey Hole Wedding Photographer

Well, if you were looking for a unique wedding venue, then you’ve certainly found it at Wookey Hole! As a Wookey Hole wedding photographer, I like to experiment with light, shadows, and beautiful silhouettes to create epic award winning portraits that will capture your day and all the emotion it brings. The three chambers carved into the Mendip Hills by the River Axe have been hiding here for millions of years, and they’re available for you to get married inside!

The crystal clear underground pools make for some stunning reflections, and the caves can be lit dramatically with coloured lights, or you can opt for atmospheric candlelight, whatever you choose, it’ll definitely be a wedding your guests will be talking about for some time!

Hannah and Dan’s Wookey Hole wedding

Hannah and Dan saw a Wookey Hole Caves wedding on an episode of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’, and were so intrigued that they decided to go to Somerset and have a look around – they weren’t disappointed, as soon as they stepped inside the caves, they knew it was where they wanted to get married! It’s an extraordinary, unique venue that is completely unforgettable!

Preparing for wedding photography in Wookey Hole Caves

I arrived super early on their wedding day, as I’ve worked as a Wookey Hole wedding photographer before, I knew I would need to get my lighting equipment into the caves and set up ahead of the ceremony. With the help of the groomsmen, we carried the kit underground, I sorted out all of my lighting tests and locked in my settings, long before I was due to start photographing.

I cannot stress how important preparation is ahead of capturing a wedding at a venue like this. There are so many beautiful opportunities for a Wookey Hole wedding photographer, you need to bring your A-game, and be prepared to do some serious hiking!

I’d been keeping an eye on the weather report before the ceremony, and it looked like there might be some rain coming in, so I started making a few different plans to make sure we could still capture group portraits without everyone getting soaked! It’s all about being flexible when it comes to the great British weather!

Getting ready (not sponsored by Pringles)

Hannah and Dan were busy getting ready in the hotel next to the caves, so I headed off to start my day capturing their . Hannah and her Bridesmaids were chilling and chatting as they got ready, with hair and makeup by Sarah Davie. Hannah stepped into her beautiful dress from Cath Adam at The Bride Shop, she’d chosen a lightweight and floaty style that was ideal for the magical (and adventurous) setting. The flowers in shades of red, blue, and purple mirrored the colours of the caves perfectly – well done to Lucy and Steph who are in charge of planning weddings at Wookey Hole, for organising everything!

The boys were relaxing in the bar, dressed in their Marc Darcy suits, looking effortlessly cool.

There was a sense of nervous anticipation, but unusually it wasn’t from the groom, one of the groomsmen (worrying about his duties as ring bearer) and hadn’t eaten! His fellow groomsmen forced some Pringles down him and he felt much better – so of course I had to get a photo to remind them, and captured Hannah and Dan’s wedding rings surrounded by some of the Pringles that saved the day!

Wookey Hole wedding ceremony

Hannah loved checking out the rock formations (and using her bouquet as an umbrella!) as we walked up the hill to the ceremony and then down into the caves via a series of tiny passages and narrow caverns.

Their ceremony was held in Chamber 3, a huge atrium-like area of the caves, dramatically lit with a really magical quality about it. Their guests stood on the steps so everyone had a perfect view of Hannah and Dan saying I do.

Hannah and Dan – Underground couple shoot

The guests were taken on a little tour of the caves after the ceremony, while I took Hannah and Dan for a beautiful photoshoot as newlyweds, exploring the caves with the help of the staff and guides, lead by Becca.

Rich was very enthusiastic about the job, great at giving direction (as we dont do pictures very often) and full of good ideas when we were having our photoshoot in the caves!

Hannah and Dan

Fashion darling!

When we got outside it was absolutely POURING down, I didn’t want the couple to get soaked so I asked if we could find some bin bags, which were almost immediately retrieved from a hidden cupboard by one of the venue staff. After cutting out head and arm holes we’d made ourselves some very functional jackets, protecting their outfits and causing a lot of laughter!

Hannah and Dan were great sports and they certainly didn’t let the rain ruin their day – in fact, I think it made it even more special (and fun!). I love these hilarious shots of them making their way back to their wedding reception in their very fashionable coats!

Wedding reception at Wookey Hole

As we arrived at their wedding reception, Hannah and Dan removed their bin bags and joined their guests. I set up some studio lighting in the theatre space they have there, giving us space and an interesting backdrop for some small group portraits.

Their wedding breakfast in the Waterwheel Room followed, with some touching and highly amusing speeches keeping everyone entertained.

The couple had their first dance and were then joined by their friends and family for more dancing and a rocking (…get it? Geology jokes are the best..) evening – thanks to Wookey Hole DJ Chris for the soundtrack!

Wookey Hole wedding photography

It was a challenging day in terms of the technical photography side of things, but I loved every minute of working as Hannah and Dan’s Wookey Hole wedding photographer, getting creative and capturing some epic portraits! Approaching the day with an open mind, getting my lighting and setting spot on, and thinking on my feet in a changing environment is what I love doing – this day certainly used those skills!

Hannah and Dan are such lovely fun people, their sense of adventure and willingness to just go with the flow and enjoy the day made it an absolute pleasure to photograph! Congratulations you two!

More weddings at Wookey Hole

Getting Married at Wookey Hole

After your ceremony in the caves, you can have your reception in the on-site restaurant, with its chandeliers and ceiling drapes (quite different from the caves!), or in the 17th Century, Waterwheel Room overlooking the working water wheel of the Grade II listed Paper Mill. The venue also offers plenty of added extras in terms of entertainment options, from a Penny Arcade and soft play area for the little ones, to Circus workshops!

Wookey Hole wedding photography – Vicki and Chris

When Vicki & Chris got in touch with me to say they were getting married I was excited, but then Chris said, “there’s something else Rich… we’re getting married in a cave!”. Now at this point, I was thinking that he meant the venue was particularly dark, or that it was a winter wedding, but no, he actually meant a real cave, at Wookey Hole in the Mendip Hills!

Their story continued to get even more intriguing as they had won their wedding at Wookey Hole in a competition on Heart Radio! Even that wasn’t straightforward for them though; after winning a coin toss, Chris was blindfolded and led into the caves where several ‘potential brides’, including fiancée Vicki, were waiting. He just had to kiss each of them and correctly identify his girl, and thank goodness he did! The entire wedding party made their way through the candle-lit tunnels, to the main cave where Chris waited for his fiancée and their two beautiful daughters to arrive.

I’m excited to present highlights from Vicki & Chris’s amazing Wookey Hole Wedding, at the beautiful Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset.

Bride & Bridesmaids Make-up: Gemma Avent – Bridal Hair: Paris Barson – Suit hire: Deane & Sons – Venue: Wookey Hole Caves

Looking for a Wookey Hole wedding photographer?

I love going back underground for Wookey Hole weddings, it’s such an awesome place! If you’d like to find out more, or check my availability please get in touch, either me or my Amazing PA will get back to you and we can start planning!

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