Photograph of the bride and groom by the lake during their wedding at Iscoyd Park.
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Iscoyd Park Wedding Photography by the Lake | Iscoyd Wedding

Summer’s Day Photography |  Iscoyd Park Wedding

Tonight I’m working on these gorgeous, romantic photo’s from Catrin & Charles’ Iscoyd Park wedding. There is this amazing dreamy lake in the grounds of Iscoyd Park (and the grounds are just idyllic by the way), surrounded by trees. By the side of the lake we found a little rowing boat which had been pulled up on to the bank just out of the water and on their wedding day the sun was streaming through he trees on to the water. It really was like a scene from a film. In almost complete contradiction to the first teaser wedding photograph from Iscoyd which I posted of them both standing under the stars and milky way late in the evening, this photo was captured in the late afternoon, just before they sat down with their guests for their wedding breakfast. It’s always great if I’m able to work on the bride and groom’s creative portrait photos in both daylight and at night time, as there is such a dynamic shift in contrast, colour and atmosphere. I just love this photograph of the two of them – it’s probably one of the only times a couple can just kick their shoes off, thrown their jacket across the bow and totally just chill out with each other. I can’t wait to share the rest of their amazing wedding day photographs with them both!

Photograph of the bride and groom by the lake during their Iscoyd Park Wedding day.

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