French Soldiers in Monmartre
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Springtime Paris Photography

I recently travelled to Paris to photograph destination engagements, and in my down time I finally managed to walk up to Sacre Coeur, which for unknown reasons I’d never managed to make it to before. I love Paris and try to get over there at least once a year with some of my clients. After waiting for the rain to end, Heidi (who was assisting me) and I enjoyed a McBreakfast before wandering through the streets up to Montmartre. There was some filming going on and I stopped so see what was going on, as a patrol of French soldiers walked through the scene. Security seemed quite high with more soldiers around Sacre Coeur, but the atmosphere was still pure Paris! Here are a few photographs from my afternoon out, shot on my trusty Fuju X-T1.

French Soldiers in Montmartre
Statue on top of Sacre Coeur Paris
Graffiti near Sacre Coeur
View of Paris from Sacre Coeur
Walking through the streets of Paris
Sacre Coeur
Rich Howman photographer working in Paris
ribbon and material shop in Paris
Portrait of Heidi looking whistful whilst we enjoyed a coffee
Mc Cafe breakfast in Paris
French Soldiers Patrolling the streets outside Sacre Coeur

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